Afraid Of Commitment?

No, this isn't a relationship advice blog!

I'm talking about subscriptions. There are SO MANY monthly subscriptions around these days. And to be honest, they are pretty convenient and tend to save you money. Plus who doesn't like getting a parcel delivery?!

But as a small business owner, these days just about everything we use in business is a monthly fee!! Even simple apps to use in our online stores.

Anyway, since I know the frustrations of wanting something but not wanting to commit every month, I have decided to offer my great value subscription box as a once off purchase.

You get all the benefits of receiving a box of discounted, quality gift wrapping supplies, with FREE SHIPPING, without having to commit every second month.

So, if this sounds appealing, click this link to take you to read more about the box of goodies and to add it to your cart!

It's only $37, and you receive $45 worth of products and you don't pay the $12 shipping. So what would normally cost you $57, is now only $37.

This months box contains some designs suitable for so many gift giving occasions, so don't miss out!