Do you need some gift wrapping tips?

I must say, starting this business has forced me to level up my gift wrapping skills!

I have pretty much been all thumbs when it comes to fiddly things. I can't even blow-dry my hair properly.

My biggest issues when it came to gift wrapping was ALWAYS having way too much paper on the ends and either hacked it off of folded it up and stuck it down with metres of sticky tape so that the present had 2 bulky pillows at either end!

Now, I am far from being an expert gift wrapper (and this is one reason why I NEVER offer gift wrapping at markets! The pressure is too much!), but with a bit of snooping around the internet and practise, I'm proud to say I can make a gift look great now! Just don't ask me to wrap a candle!

I have a couple of tips on my Instagram that I hope you have seen and found helpful. If you missed it, here's the links:

Here's how to measure your paper!

Here's some keep items you need for successful gift wrapping.

Here's a tip you may not have thought you needed to know!

That's all I have filmed at the moment. But check out my Instagram highlights for links on gift wrapping videos!