Size Does Matter!

I think I may have got your attention?? Haha!

Let's talk about the size of wrapping paper! There certainly are a lot of beautiful wrapping papers out there. There are some fantastic patterns and paper quality to be sure. But you know what? A lot of them are printed on a sheet measuring around about 50cm x 70cm. I did recently come across a larger sheet, but unfortunately it wasn't printed in Australia.

My initial plan was to print rolls of wrapping paper. But as I insisted on printing in Australia, it really reduced my options. The couple of companies I approached to print rolls need a MASSIVE order from me, which, starting out is just not possible!

So my next option was to find the largest sheet size possible. Well that wasn't easy either! What I thought would be a matter of getting 3 quotes from a printer and choosing one, ended up taking me months of hunting around for an Australian printer, with extra large sheets, and that paper to be high quality.

I finally got there! And they were local! It makes me so happy to be able to have beautiful Australian made, high quality wrapping paper, and it be one of the largest on the market, measuring at A1 size, 594mm x 841mm.

My dream is still to print on rolls...but I just have to wait a bit longer I think!

Check out my silly little educational video on my Instagram page that shows you the paper size!


Extra Large Australian made wrapping paper