The wait is nearly over! My new collection is almost here!

My new collection is coming...

It feels like it has taken forever, but I am pleased to announce my new collection is in its final stage of production! My printer is checking my files, and sending a proof. I will then be able to make any minor adjustments if needed, then it's time to print. While in print, I will have the gift tags produced.

My biggest hurdle is knowing where to put all the stock! You see, my house was in desperate need of new windows (leaks, some don't open, paper thin glass letting all the winter cold in and all the warmth out...), and they are due to be installed when my paper is due. ALL furniture needs to be moved 1 metre away from every window in the house, including my studio. Not such a big deal in my studio if I had one window. But I have 3!!! And only 1 corner to put all of my stock, tables, desk, sofa and I won't go on with all of the other stuff in here!

The joys of working from home!

That aside, it's a pretty exciting time, and I can't wait to share the new every day designs with you in June, inspired by celebrations in the Aussie bush.

June will be a big month. It is when I will also launch "Wrapped In Style- Gift Wrap Subscription".

The aim of this subscription is to make one little area of your life a little bit easier! Every second month, I will send you out a small supply of either wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon or my new greeting cards (or a combination of a few of these). So the next time you need to organise a gift, or have a last minute occasion you need a card for, you don't need to run around doing that extra job. I know I personally LOVE having a supply on hand!

I will curate and coordinate what is being sent to you, and give you tips on how to style your gifts. October and December deliveries will focus on getting you ready for Christmas. Plus, you'll have access to exclusive offers and discount codes.

I know you will love to receive your delivery of beautiful, quality Australian made gift styling supplies, while saving time and money.

This will be launching in June, so please keep an eye out for an email or on socials for the official Founding Member launch (you won't want to miss this---exclusive pricing!).

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Stay tuned! (Did I mention I was excited??!!)

Until next time, stay happy and safe!