Do you still want to purchase some of my products? Here's how!

Yes the website might be closed to orders now, BUT I do still have stock available!

You could purchase via my Etsy store, but to be honest, that's going to be a bit $$.

If you wish to buy some more of my high quality Australian Made wrapping paper and cards, just drop me an email telling me what you want and your post code. 

I can then give you a final price for your order, and you can pay safely via PayPal.

Super easy! I will then give you an Australia Post tracking number once posted. 

So why can't you place an order via this website anymore? Well, basically it's costing me too much to run this website. I have it on "hold" at a much reduced monthly fee so that you can still see my remaining stock. Having a website means I have monthly fees (charged is U.S dollars!) whether you make sales or not. THEN, if you do make a sale, they also take a percentage of your sale. THEN if the customer has paid via PayPal or Afterpay, there goes a bit more of your sale! THEN you have monthly bank account fees AND monthly accounting software fees. THEN you need to have enough left over to actually pay for the products you have made. THEN if you decide to attend a market you have their fees AND market day insurance to pay. THEN if you make sales at the market, your EFTPOS machine provider take a percentage of the sale as well.

So you can see how tough it is to try and cover costs at least as a minimum, let alone make any money! I've gone off on a bit of a tangent, but it was just to show you how difficult it is to try and make a creative small business work. And add to that the current economic climate, where no one is pending much on quality handmade items, there's so many small businesses closing now. 

So, in conclusion (😂) it works out better for everyone if you place orders directly through me via email/PayPal. Every Etsy order also means they take a big chunk of the sale too, so if you ever see anything great on Etsy, you should probably reach out directly to the maker, or see if they have a website as you'll probably get a better price, and you'll be helping them out a lot more!

Thanks for listening to my rant! Happy New Year everyone!